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6. Above Blue Suites

A champion when it comes to Aegean sea views, Above Blue Suites is located high up at the top of the Imervogli cliffs. For this reason, it is no wonder why the views of the caldera from the room’s private terraces are so epic here.

Above Blue Suites offer a choice of ten unique suites to choose from, each with their own favorable characteristics. One particularly spacious suite that you can book is their signature Above Blue Villa.

This villa is noticeably larger than the others available at a homely 130 meters squared in total. You can fit four people for this size!

The Above Blue Villa also includes two private bathrooms that have couple-sized showers. Perfect for that special somebody you have in mind.

Luxury Honeymoon Accommodations in Imerovigli with Private Pools

7. Ventus Paradiso Villa

If you want to take your honeymoon to the next level, Ventus Paradiso Villa is an option I would recommend. This spacious villa is very traditional, and it is a classic example of Cycladic architecture. The cave-style rooms also create an air of enticing mystery which can honestly make it difficult to leave.

Once you have finished enjoying the comfortable indoor seating area and lush bedding, it is time to journey to the outside terrace area. Along with having your own romantic seating area for dining, by far the most impressive part of the outdoor balcony terrace is the outdoor miniature cave.

This has its own private infinity pool to soak in and marvel at the view you have in front of you. Even the most powerful Greek god would be jealous of the view you have for the night here!

Along with the additional premium amenities, you will be happy to know that free wifi and free private parking are also included at the villa.

8. Divine Cave Experience – Amazing Hot Tub Views

Have you ever dreamt of staying in a cave?

Not just any cave in fact, but a highly luxurious one on the stunning island of Santorini? If you haven’t and it is your cup of tea, a fantastic option is the Divine Cave Experience.

Although this might sound more like a tourist activity to do with your friends, it is actually a hotel-style accommodation that offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience. This is rated as the best cave hotel in Santorini, and there isn’t a much better way to spend a honeymoon than here.

Inside your cave suite, you will find gorgeous rooms sculpted from pure white rock, allowing you to truly connect with the natural elements of the island. In addition to this, there is a comfortable range of suites offered here.

This starts with the more budget-friendly astral cave, all the way to Divine Grand Suite with its own personal jacuzzi. Besides the fact that you can get your own indoor pool and private jacuzzi, the hotel here also offers car rentals.

This is an option I personally love, and it serves as a great way of exploring Santorini and other Greek islands. To rent a car, you can easily do so by going to the front desk and asking.

9. Cavo Tagoo Santorini

When it comes to unmissable cave options, Cavo Tagoo Santorini is a fascinating place to stay for a night. Located on the outskirts of Imerovigli, you will find the more secluded location of this hotel both relaxing and less busy.

Especially when compared with the central town area which sees a lot of tourists in general.

Cavo Tagoo Santorini is another 5-star hotel, which of course means it comes with a price tag. However, this newly built hotel has everything you could ever ask for a honeymoon stay. Looking for friendly staff to cater to you and your partner? It is here.

Searching for modern and stylish suites that offer total privacy? It is here.

In addition to all of the rare amenities above, Cavo Tagoo Santorini offers unmissable sunset views from both its suites and main infinity pool.

10. Pegasus Suites & Spa

When it comes to high-end hotels in Imerovigli, Pegasus Suites & Spa sits up there as one at the top of the list. To say this is a luxury hotel is an understatement, and the price it costs to stay here definitely reflects that.

It is worth mentioning that the rooms here are exceptionally spacious. Up to 7 people can stay in them at once, and they are provided with everything from heated private pools to their own exclusive mini bar.

What makes Pegasus Suites & Spa noticeably unique is its on-site fitness center. This is rare for Santorini hotels and it provides a solid option for those wanting to get a quick workout in.

After burning a few calories, feel free to check out the delicious gourmet restaurant directly inside of the hotel. This restaurant is known as Gastronomy and you can enjoy a magnificent candle-lit dinner with your intimate partner.

The food at this restaurant is known to be healthy. This is because it is made from both traditional and local Greek ingredients.

What else is special about Gastronomy at Pegasus Suites & Spa? You can also take cooking lessons here if you want to. This is because the hotel organizes residential cooking courses based on local Greek dishes.

I would say this is even more suitable if you plan on staying here for an extended period of time.

11. SantAnna Luxury Suites

SantAnna Luxury Suites is another top-notch option in Santorini, although it does come with a price. It is not just the rooms that make this a visually appealing place, but the design of the hotel itself is beyond astonishing.

Luminous lights appear from all areas of the hotel as the sun goes down, creating an intimate atmosphere for you and your partner.

Besides the physical aspects of this hotel, I can’t help but admire the location of it. SantAnna Luxury Suites lies just on the outskirts of Imerovirgli.

This means you can enjoy being close to town without staying in the central tourist area. The hotel is also only a 5-minute drive to Skaros Rock, which is a world-famous tourist attraction and a great place for a short hike.

12. CILON Suites

Coming in last on my list of best Santorini hotels is CILON Suites. This luxury hotel features rooms with private balconies and all the typical amenities that come with a good 4-star hotel.

CILON offers 5 different suite options to choose from in total. These suits range from the petite cave suite, all the way to their master suite which offers an enormous range of amenities. This includes an impressive outdoor hot tub, minibar, and even a daily maid. The views over the Tholos Naftilos volcano are unbeatable.

Desiring to see the cliffs of the caldera in all of their might? You can certainly enjoy that exact view in the comfort of your own private terrace at CILON. And, if you’re after value for money, CILON Suites offers a much more comfortable place to stay in Imerovigli compared to popular options like the Aeifos Boutique Hotel around the corner.

Not bad at all, hey!


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