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Our Top Three Picks for The Best Santorini Day Tours

In a rush? Want the top 3 unmissable activities that you can book from Santorini in advance? Here they are.

Santorini volcanic Islands Cruise with Hot Spring Visit

1. Volcanic Islands Cruise with Hot Spring

Sail around Santorini’s caldera, hike the volcano (optional), and stop at some epic islands for swimming, exploring, and enjoying the hot springs (Thirassia)

Kayaking Tours

2. Sea Kayak Visiting Sea Caves & Picnic

Are you looking for an adventurous tour that is worth the arm workout? Look no further than the Santorini Sea Kayaking tour. With spectacular views and a picnic to fill you up this one shouldn’t be missed.

Wine Tasting Tour, Santorini

3. Guided Wine Tasting Tour

If sipping wine and enjoying spectacular views is your kind of thing then the Wine Tasking Tour should be on your list. With 3 wine estates to be visited, you will be sure to have an exceptional day. The best part is you don’t need to drive!

10 Best Santorini Day Tours That You Should Book Today

1. Volcanic Islands Cruise

If you are a traveler with adventure in your heart, I would say that the Volcanic Islands Cruise is truly unmissable while in Santorini. This marvelous tour includes a local tour guide, who details every step of the way around the different volcanos present on the island.

As you set sail on your boat ride from the main port at Santorini, you will enjoy both full live commentary and sightseeing until you arrive at the tiny, inhabited island of Nea Kameni, which is home to an active volcano.

Once you arrive at Nea Kameni, it is time to journey to the top of the island’s volcano, known as Tholos Naftilos. This is one of Santorini’s most iconic attractions, and it is seen as the most spectacular place to visit on the whole island of Nea Kameni!

It is worth mentioning that this volcano is still active. However, the good news is that it hasn’t had any volcanic activity in over 70 years, so it is deemed safe.

The hike to the top will typically take slightly less than one hour. This gives you more than enough time to appreciate what the volcano has to offer before you continue the cruise.

The next destinations are Palea Kameni and Therasia which both have exceptional characteristics for a memorable vacation.

Palea Kameni is home to its own natural hot springs which are great for soaking in and relaxing. Therasia features a mountain known as Profitis Ilias Mountain, which offers breathtaking views of the nearby islands.

If you are searching for anything volcano related in Santorini, I would highly recommend going on the Volcanic Islands Cruise!

2. Sunset Luxury Catamaran Cruise

Santorini is well-known for its dreamy sunsets, and one of the best ways of experiencing them on the island is by taking up a sunset cruise.

This luxury boat tour includes more than enough to indulge the senses, and this goes beyond the fact that local wines and fresh Greek barbeque are served onboard.

The first two stops of this unique Catamaran cruise include two beaches, which are Santorini’s famous Red Beach and White Beach.

Red Beach is particularly more significant out of the two, especially considering the fact it is one of few volcanic beaches on the entire island. This has made it one of the most popular places to visit among tourists visiting Santorini as a whole.

After spending your time indulging in food and enjoying what Santorini beach life has to offer, it is time to journey to the final few stops of the boat trip.

The next two stops are both the hot springs and the volcano of Santorini. If you hike to the top of the volcano, you can expect spectacular panoramic views of Santorini which will truly take your breath away, leaving you speechless.

After appreciating a good sunset below the village of Oia, this sunset luxury cruise ends at the cute fishing port of Ammoudi Bay.

Doesn’t this sound exciting?

3. Premium Catamaran Cruise

Another ideal cruise option in Santorini is the Premium Catamaran Cruise. This special cruise features a 5-hour boat ride and private tour, allowing you to see everything that the island has to offer in the greatest way possible.

There are multiple reasons why I think this cruise concept is a great idea, and that goes beyond the fact that it offers some terrific barbeque and drinks. This private Santorini boat tour actually offers hotel pickup, which means you can simply wait in your hotel lobby or room until your lift it arrives!

In addition to this, you can swim and snorkel close to the boat all while knowing your safety is in mind.

What else does this premium cruise have to offer?

Well, you can enjoy both Santorini’s Red Beach and White Beach before cherishing an evening sunset at Oia Village.

Sounds like a pretty perfect day to me!

4. Guided Wine Tasting Tour

Are you a fan of wine tasting?

If so, this must be your lucky day, and this wine-tasting tour is going to please all of your senses!

What is particularly fascinating about this guided wine tour is that it includes multiple visits to different wineries on the island. This certainly creates some contrast, and I would say that it creates a perfectly, well-rounded tour when it comes to wine tasting as a whole.

This tour offers 12 glasses of wine per person from three separate wineries in Santorini. For this reason, you know you are bound to taste something new for your senses.

Local wines are served with even the possibility of sipping on some volcanic wine if it is something you are curious about.

One thing is for sure, you are in for a great time if you love wine!


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