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The 11 Best Beach Resorts in Greece

1. Ikos Dassia- Best All-Inclusive Beach Resort in Greece

When it comes to all-inclusive resorts, I would go as far as to say that Ikos Dassia on Corfu is the best in Greece.

This luxury beach hotel offers everything you could imagine, from gourmet meals cooked by Michelin-star chefs to vibrant live entertainment which takes place inside its doors in the evening.

Besides the amazing inclusive facilities listed above, this 25-acre resort has spacious rooms with panoramic sea views and 7 different swimming pools to dip your feet into. This includes its own exceptionally large indoor pool that serves as a perfect way to escape the heat for a while.

If you are looking for luxury accommodation with a huge range of explorable options, look no further than Ikos Dassia!

2. Costa Grand Resort & Spa

If discussing the best resorts in Greece, Costa Grand Resort & Spa certainly has what it takes to be on that list.

Why is this you might ask?

What is particularly astonishing about staying here is the number of high-quality facilities they have for public use. You can use their fitness room for staying in shape, access their full-service spa and wellness center for ultimate relaxation, and their restaurant to sample tasty Greek delicacies.

Another favorable part of staying at this Santorini Resort is how close the beach is to it. The stunning black sands of Kamari Beach are just a short walk away.

This is especially great considering you can access the hotel’s private beach area which isn’t accessible to the public. Whenever you get tired of the outdoor swimming pool, feel free to journey down to Kamari Beach for an intimate view of the marvelous Aegean Sea.

3. Anax Resort and Spa

If you are a big fan of spa-style hotels, Anax Resort & Spa in Mykonos delivers well when it comes to world-class wellness treatments. This 5-star resort is home to its own Anasa spa which offers a selection of relaxing treatments to gift yourself with.

In addition to this, you can find a fitness center here which includes weights, a treadmill, and numerous other facilities to help keep you in top shape.

This is certainly a complete place for fitness training, and the hotel even offers customized fitness programs.

Not a bad way to keep you motivated!

4. Artemis Seaside Resort

Located on the beautiful island of Milos. The design aesthetics of Artemis Seaside Resort are some of the most eye-catching out there, but there is much more to this hotel than what appears on the surface.

This is a seaside resort hotel which means it has been built directly next to the ocean. For this reason, you can expect some pretty spectacular sea views to say the least.

When discussing this resort, the accommodation options are more than worthy of mentioning. You can choose from a huge range of suites and rooms which all include classic Cycladic architecture along with a terrific sea view.

Even the Deluxe Double Room (which is their smallest option) offers a sea-view balcony, air-conditioning, a flat-screen TV, and free wifi.

That is pretty sweet considering how affordable it is!

5. Four Seasons Astir Palace – Best Beach Resort near Athens

The Four Seasons Astir Palace near Athens is one of those hotels which speaks for itself.

This huge luxury hotel has accommodations options that are fit for a king, ranging from large suites with outdoor pools to spacious rooms boasting private terraces.

What is most surprising about Four Seasons Astir Palace are the recreational facilities on offer. This includes the three tennis courts which are exclusive to hotel members for use. As a fan of a bit of tennis, it can be much more enjoyable playing it as a fun form of exercise on holiday, rather than using the typical fitness gyms on offer in hotels.

However, if tennis isn’t your preferred sport, there is both basketball courts and volleyball courts for playing here with friends.

Every part of this hotel screams both luxury and uniqueness, and this includes its spacious rooms. Four Seasons Astir Palace has one of the biggest ranges of bungalows and suites that can be seen from a Greek hotel.

Some of these include their own private guest rooms, plunge pools, and even private spa facilities to enjoy.

If a day trip is on the cards the resort is only a 40-minute drive from the main attractions of the city such as the Acropolis and Museum.

This is not bad at all for a beach resort on mainland Greece!

6. Mayia Exclusive Resort & Spa – Adults Only

Another unmissable all-inclusive option to consider in Greece is Mayia Executive Resort & Spa. This adult-only resort in Rhodes is not only cheap as far as luxury resorts go, but it is also a short drive away from the incredible archaeological site known as Lindos Acropolis.

Inside this exclusive resort and spa, you will find a large number of different accommodation options. This goes from their simple Deluxe Room with a sea view, all the way to their Mayia Suite which has its own personal private pool.

In addition to just this, booking the Mayia Suite will mean free premium drinks and snacks for you and your friends and family to enjoy, along with your own private garden area.

What else makes the Mayia Resort & Spa special?

Once you are finished enjoying all of the daily amenities, feel free to walk down to Dassia Beach. This cute little sandy beach is within walking distance of the hotel, making it easy to enjoy the surrounding landscape views with ease.

7. Daios Cove Luxury Resort & Villas – Best Private Pool

When it comes to the best hotels in Greece, it is difficult to leave Daios Cove Luxury Resort & Villas off that list. This luxury 5-star resort located on the island of Crete offers an astonishing range of rooms and villas, with their largest option even being a mansion.

If you thought their three-bedroom villa looks impressive, the mansion you can rent here has more amenities than you would ever need. Are you interested in having a private chef? The Mansion has it.

Does having a hot tub and private infinity pool sound appealing to you? The Mansion option has it.

There are too many accommodation options to choose from at this top resort however just know that whatever you choose you won’t be disappointed.

8. Calilo

Although Calilo is noticeably smaller compared to other beach resorts, there is no denying the brilliance of this place. This incredibly unique hotel is situated on Ios Island on the beach of Papas, meaning you get direct access to it.

Ios is known for its partying and nightlife however if this isn’t your type of vacation rest assured as the location of the resort is on a quiet side of the island.

If you are planning on staying here, you can expect some pretty incredible amenities and services.

Whether it is their comfortable sun loungers overlooking the beach or their stunning one-of-a-kind Calilo restaurant to wine and dine-in, you can expect to have a memorable experience here.

9. Blue Palace Elounda

Blue Palace Elounda in Crete is not only an architectural masterpiece, but it is both comfortable and affordable as far as luxury hotels go. This luxury collection resort is one of the best places to stay in Crete, and that is a statement in itself when considering how many quality hotels are on the famous island.

You can enjoy swimming in the stunning infinity pool here. This leads to unbelievable views of Spinalonga Fortress and the surrounding landscapes which are beyond picturesque.

However, if you prefer your own space, feel free to book a junior suite and bask in your own private pool area.

Whatever you feel like doing, you can certainly do it at this fabulous Crete hotel.

10. Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort – Best Beach Resort in Mykonos

If you are searching for a reliable and unique beach resort option in Mykonos, the Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort is a great place for you and your family to check out.

There is more than enough to do here, from indulging in fine wines during their wine-tasting events to sunbathing at the hotel’s very own private sandy beach.

When coming to the Mykonos Grand Hotel, you are bound to be entertained for the majority of your stay.

You can even arrange unique experiences for both honeymoon and marriage celebrations here. This includes candlelit dinners and group ATV rides around the island.

11. Creta Maris Resort

Creta Manis Resort is an unmissable option when it comes to value for money on the island of Crete.

There is plenty to do at this all-inclusive resort, and the good news is that it is perfect for budget travelers.

You can choose from a selection of affordable rooms, suites, and villas all with their own comfortable beds and premium amenities.

Feel like splashing the cash? Their Luxury Villa option comes with its own pool and private garden, along with two separate bedrooms and two separate bathrooms. In addition to this, the villa comes with two living rooms.

Now that is enough space for a lot of people!


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