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A detailed travel guide to visiting the famous Emerald Pool & Blue Lagoon in Krabi, Thailand.

Located in the heart of Thailand’s southern province of Krabi, the Emerald Pool and Blue Pool (Blue Lagoon), are two crystal-clear freshwater lakes in the middle of the jungle.

Whether you’re looking for a cool place to swim, or you’re planning your Krabi travels and want to include the best mainland day trip– you’re in luck!

In this travel guide, I’ll break down everything you need to know about visiting the Krabi Emerald Pool and Blue Pool in the Khlong Thom area. I’ll break down the best ways to get here, what to expect when you arrive, and the best places for swimming and bathing!

Krabi Emerald Pool, Thailand

About the Emerald & Blue Pool in Krabi

The Emerald Pool called Sa Morakot in Thai and the Blue Pool (also called Blue Lagoon) are two crystal-clear water pools within the Thung Teao Forest National Park, approximately 55 kilometers east of Krabi town, or 70 kilometers from Ao Nang.

Due to the distance, most travelers visit these pools on the popular Pools & Hot Spring Day Trip Top Pick departing daily from Krabi.

These pools are fed by a mineral hot spring, giving the water its striking color and amazing clarity. However, the pools are actually not very hot although you can only swim in one of the pools– the Emerald Pool, with clear, clean water. The Blue Pool is closed for swimming as unlike the Emerald Pool, it is not filtered by a flowing stream.

Swimming at Emerald Pool
Emerald Pool
Blue Pool in Krabi, Thailand
Blue Pool

How to Visit the Emerald Pool & Blue Lagoon from Krabi

The most convenient way to reach the Emerald Pool & Blue Pool for travelers staying in the Krabi Province tourist areas of Ao Nang or Railay Beach is to book the popular full-day thermal springs & pool tour.

This full-day tour offers the perfect day trip for inland excursions and includes:

  • Hotel pickup in an air-conditioned van
  • Swim at Emerald Pool & Visit Blue Pool
  • Visit the Krabi hot springs
  • Climb to Tiger Cave Temple

This is the exact tour that I went on and offers the most affordable and convenient way to visit these must-see attractions in the Krabi Area– highly recommend!

Tip: Travelers staying in Krabi Town or Klong Muang can also find some great group tours below.

Alternative: Book a Taxi or Drive to the Pools

If you want to visit the Sra Morakot pools and natural springs independently, then it’s also possible to rent a car at Krabi airport or Krabi Town.

Alternatively, you can take a taxi to drop you at the main entrance to the Thung Teao Forest National Park. Although the return taxi fare will likely be more expensive than simply booking the above tour.

This journey will take just over an hour from Ao Nang, or about 50 minutes from Krabi Town.

Thung Teao Forest National Park

What to Expect at the Emerald Pool Krabi

The main entrance to the Thung Teao Forest National Park features a large parking lot where tour vans, taxis, and private vehicles park. As one of the most popular attractions in Krabi, I highly recommend visiting the Emerald Pool in the early morning.

The official opening time is 10:30 and closing at 15:30. However, it’s possible to visit earlier than this, there just won’t be any guards on duty.

On the tour, this natural pool was the first stop of the day trip, which is great as we arrived right on opening time before the crowds.

The main entrance features a ticketing gate, where you’ll need to pay the applicable entrance fees. These fees go toward the Khao Pra-Bang Khram Wildlife Sanctuary and cost 400 Thai Baht (200 for children) for foreigners, or 30 Thai Baht for Thai Nationals (20 for children).

Thung Teao Forest National Park Springs

Walk to the Emerald Pool

After paying the fee, you can take one of two short nature trail walks to the pools. The fast way is following a wide, gravel road for approximately 800 meters (15 minutes) through the forest.

The second option follows a more scenic concrete nature trail path for approximately 1 kilometer (20 minutes). Both trails begin by passing some beautiful natural streams in the forest.

Below I’ve included a map showing the pathways and nature trails between the main entrance, the Emerald Pool, and the Blue Pool.

Map showing the attractions at Thung Teao Forest National Park, Krabi
Walking trail to Emerald Pool
Girl on the Krabi Monkey Trail

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Swimming at the Krabi Emerald Pool

The Emerald Pool is a beautiful natural pond surrounded by smooth stone and filtered by ever-flowing natural streams. These streams contain calcium carbonate, creating healthy mineral waters for swimming.

This big, green pool is quite wide at around 20 meters in circumference. The depth ranges from around 1.2 meters to the deepest area sitting at around 1.8 meters. This makes it the perfect place to swim, relax, and enjoy the natural scenery. There’s also a local restaurant selling snacks, tea, and coffee just a short distance from the pool.

As the first stop on the Emerald Pool tour, we arrived quite early and were able to take some photos before the tour buses arrived. However, we decided to take a short walk to the Blue Pool before taking a swim.

Emerald Pool, Thailand
Swimming at Krabi's Emerald Pool, Thailand

The Blue Pool (Blue Lagoon)

The walk to the Blue Pool from the Emerald Pool follows another concrete path for approximately 600 meters (10-15 minutes), passing some beautiful crystal-clear streams among the Khao Nor Chu Chi lowland forest

Walking to Blue Pool through the forest
Walking to Blue Pool through the forest

Once you arrive at the Blue Pool, you’ll see a wide viewing area where you can take some photos of this beautiful natural hot spring. The Blue Pool is one of the deepest ponds in the park at around 4-5 meters. The water is quite hot in this pool, ranging from 40 to 50 degrees Celsius, heated up by the Earth’s natural geothermal energy.

Blue Pool, Thailand

While you can’t swim at the Blue Pool, I highly recommend checking it out as this is one of the most beautiful natural ponds I’ve ever seen!

The color of the water here is an amazing shade of light blue, radiating vibrantly via beams of light shining through the jungle canopy.

Blue Pool, Thailand

More Attractions at the Emerald Pool Site

Curious about the additional activities available at the Blue and Emerald Pool site in Krabi? In addition to observing the diverse array of fauna such as various species of birds, butterflies, reptiles, and mammals like macaques, there are a few other attractions worth exploring.

Hiking in the forest of Thailand

Crystal Pool

Did you know that there are three natural ponds at this site? The third is called Crystal Pool, the largest pond at the site at around 35 meters wide, 45 meters long, and 1-3 meters deep. The water of the crystal pool is fed from the water of the Emerald Pool.

Similarly to the Blue Pool, it’s not permitted to swim here.

Crystal Pool at Thung Teao Forest National Park
The Crystal Pool

Shrine of the Hermit

Along the way between the Emerald Pool and the Blue Pool, you’ll pass the Shrine of the Hermit. This is a small shrine dedicated to a hermit who once lived in this area a long time ago.

You’ll see that there is a small cave-like structure adorned with statues and sometimes showcasing offerings left by visitors paying respect, making a wish, or asking for blessings.

Shrine of the Hermit, Thung Teao Forest National Park

What to do After the Emerald Pools

If you booked the tour that I went on (linked above), you’ll also be visiting the nearby Krabi hot springs, also called the hot spring waterfall or Krabi hot stream.

Afterward, we climbed up to the epic Tiger Cave Temple, which is of the best things to do in Krabi in terms of great views!

Where to Stay in Krabi

Rayavadee outdoor views of the bungalow accommodation and swimming pool, Krabi

1. Rayavadee Luxury

Amazing 5-star luxury accommodation adjacent Krabi Marine National Park in Railay. Boasts immaculately designed rooms, 6 restaurants, an outdoor pool, & incredible balcony views.

Bedroom suite with large bed and lounge areas at the Anana Ecological Resort Krabi

2. Anana Ecological Resort Mid-Range

An eco-friendly resort offering a large outdoor swimming pool, beautifully designed rooms & amazing garden with onsite cooking classes. The best part is the excellent price.

Chill-out area and downstairs workspace and cafe at the TAN Hostel, Krabi

3. TAN Hostel Budget

The best backpacker hostel in Krabi just 700 m from Ao Nang Beach & near many restaurants, shops, & bars. Has a great vibe with a neat and tidy co-work area & an excellent onsite cafe.

Tips & Things to Know About Visiting the Emerald Pool

Before you go, here is a list of quick tips and important things to know about visiting this natural site in Krabi.

  1. Only swim at the Emerald Pool – the only pool you can swim at is the Emerald Pool. Don’t try to swim at the Blue Pool or Crystal Pool. If the Emerald Pool is too busy, you can swim in the clear flowing streams nearby the Blue Pool.
  2. Visit early: The park is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Krabi. I recommend visiting early before the big tourist vans arrive. Alternatively, visit in the late afternoon before closing time.
  3. Best time to visit: the water at the pools can be muddier and less clear during the rainy season (May to October). So, I recommend visiting during the dry season (November to April).
Emerald Pool in Krabi
Blue Pool, Krabi
Krabi Emerald Pool, Thailand

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