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Gili Air: Known for its Unique Villas and Calm Atmosphere

Map of Gili Air

4. Villa Tokay

Villa Tokay is a well-rounded and complete accommodation choice when it comes to opulent places to stay in Gili Air.

Despite the incredible villa choices on offer at Villa Tokay, it is also important to mention that these luxury private villas are located in possibly the best area on Gili Air.

This is because it is close to the main Gili Air beach, as well as being a short walk from the center of the island, which is home to all of the significant attractions and best restaurants.

When it comes to villa options, their Leaf Villa provides enough space for couples to fully enjoy a getaway together. Not to mention the fact that this villa has its very own tropical garden for guests to enjoy.

Their Leaf Villa also includes a serene garden space to appreciate your time in. You can feel all of the natural elements of the villa in harmony with one another while you stay here.

Finally, Villa Tokay also arranges floating breakfasts, flower baths, private yoga lessons, and massages on site. Another activity they offer is a free local tour which could also include the possibility of trying local food onsite.

5. PinkCoco

Another fabulous Gili island hotel option is the PinkCoco. This is an adults-only hotel on Gili Air, so this means bringing the kids isn’t possible.

This hotel features its own professional spa service, and there is no doubt that this is highly enjoyed by all guests. I would also say that this is the easiest way of getting a professional massage if you’re staying at the hotel and it saves both time and energy.

Although PinkCoco has a large amount of rooms, each is uniquely designed and very spacious. This is especially true of their special Grande Room, which is not only big, but it offers easy access to the main swimming pool which is an enormous 30 meters in length.

In addition to all of the above, the hotel also has its onsite restaurant. This is convenient as you can eat a meal from here whilst watching the sunset without leaving the hotel.

6. Captain Coconuts

Captain Coconuts on Gili Air is an eco-friendly-focused hotel, and this is reflected in almost every aspect of its design and amenities.

In addition to this, the water system as a whole is heated through solar energy alone, which is certainly reassuring to the environmentalists out there. There aren’t many hotels that could say the same, and this proves their passion for renewable energy and the environment.

What is another reason why Captain Coconuts is special?

Captain Coconuts is known to offer a mouth-watering breakfast every morning. This is offered with gluten, dairy, and sugar-free options, so you can be sure to keep your health in check at the same time.

Their restaurant’s menu also contains foods that are gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan-friendly. This contributes to their healthy and environmentally friendly image.

Lastly, it boasts an incredible outdoor swimming pool which is the perfect place to cool off after lunch.

Woman standing in ocean at sunset on Gili Air

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